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Mixtape Madness 2

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Angerville, I listen to sum of ya tunes, and I get angry, what the fuck yu all been thru to be so angry?

Conscious - man it's all about the struggle, for me it's an inner anger where everything comes into play. the anger really generates from seeing how fucked life is. the shit it has put me through from the loss of friends to problems with the po.

Fortunato - Anger is the one emotion I have in abundance, I use it in my music cause I am surrounded by it constantly. It bleeds through in to my music from my every day life, so rather than fight it, or let it consume me, I focus it and try to use the raw energy to create powerful music.

In 60 seconds or less, take us on a musical/lyrical journey thru your album, Rebellion! What you all tryna put across to the listeners...? GO!

Fortunato - we are trying to bring a wide range of Vibes on this LP, everything from Horror Movie Anime type shit to Heartfelt soulful vibes. we bring the complete package, too many cats come one dimensional and then afterwards wonder why their careers had no longevity. we want to be the opposite of that, we want to be multi dimensional and capable of rocking all types of beats, with different flows and content.

We were talking earlier about MC's and the ones ya'll listen to, We got a few in common, but I gotta say Imma big Talib fan, whats your favourite line(s) from the man himself?

Conscious - "I heard them say I was a conscious rapper, But I'm a monster when I hafta smack the shit out of a nonsense actor" -Kweli - Good to you

(conscious listens to hip hop exclusively, fortunato has been known to listen to tom waits and 80's retro on the side)

What the fuck is going on with hip hop today? and what the fuck can we do about it? What other crews/artist are doing it like you guys for the sake of hip hop (in your eyes)

Conscious - in my opinion hiphop has gone the money route … the game used ta be full of NCAA type cats that were hungry but now its full of so called lazy pros … in canada we need to support each other more instead of the opposite …. I feel a lot of cats think they are gonna blow up in the states when they don’t even get love in their hometown …. We need to get off that and build a platform for Canadian artists so that the Americans are forced to recognize canadas talent regarding hiphop …… if we build it they will come.

Fortunato - There are alot of crews out there doing it for the love of the music like poor man militia, but then you have a whole whack of dudes who are just trying to get paid by any means. Sometimes they will follow trends to maximize their appeal, or flip their whole image to make money, the integrity of the art is really a non issue in the cold hard world of business and ecomomics. Hip Hop is not immune to these issues and it has always been a battle between the suits and the streets when it comes to this music. in the end hip hop will always be loved by the streets long after the industry moves on to fry other fish.

What's your plan for getting this album heard? What steps have you taken to do so?

Conscious - putting it in the stores physically and online, radio promotion, hand to hand and what not, we ain't afraid to work hard. Nothing comes easy, and if it did we wouldn't feel right... welcome to Angerville! The Rebellion album is at da corner, play de record, rockwell and mixtape maniac.
It's out there, we also do alot of online promoting.

Favourite song of '07, locally and internationally.

Conscious - locally my favorite tune was DIAL TONE ….. sick track, tona doin it right …. Internationally I like that track WHAT A LIFE by Saigon …. Track is deep with a mean flow …. Those two would be my favorite for '07

Fortunato - Locally my fav track was "try it for free" by my man Kdot produced by Arks, Internationally would have to say Saigon - Cmon Baby.

Oh and, describe Gamshooter in one or two words

Fortunato - 2 words to describe Gam huh,? Mad Real!

How'd you all meet?

Conscious - Shit me and Fortunato met way back in the day. Use to record on a ghetto blaster and a mic, 90 minute tapes, spitting freestyles since 97. I met Gam thru Fortunato just last year and that's when we the ball started rolling. Only known Gam for abit, but dude is a dope ass producer.

Your first single, tell us about the song, why you chose it as the first single, and everyone involved with it and the video.

Conscious - the first single is BREAK THE LAW feat. KDOT ….
This song is really just about not givin' a fuck ….. how many people out there can honestly say they never break the law even if it’s a minor thing …… the system is built to be broken on every level whether business, criminal, civil, etc ….. this was chosen for the first single because of the lyrics energy, the bangin beat by gam, and last but not least fan response ….. the people involved in this video are me, Fortunate and Kdot, and Jomama and Tim Miller basically did all shotting playback etc..big ups … everything was done in house.

Fortunato - Nobody cares is the b side to break the law and we chose it cause it sounded really sick, and we got great feedback from other people about it. The song is basically a diss to anyone who is killing hip hop by not respecting the history and culture of the music. The video has Kdot from PMM, Westnyle who is a producer who works with us, and Pistol Pete who is our DOP.

What has been the response so far with the single, album?

Fortunato - everything has been dope so far with regards to the album and single, we got a nice review in Exclaim! Nobody cares has garnered some interest from some movie people so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Conscious - response has been great, even the haters lovin' it (you know who you are) ….. the album is getting great respose and I think that’s due to the diversity of it, theres something for everyone on this. We older cats so we took it back to the old days and gave cats there money’s worth, with 22 tracks.

Take us thru a typical Angerville tune, like how you guys put a song together, from concept to writing to recording.

Fortunato - First we decide on a general concept usually based on a hook either Conscious Thought or I have created. Then we choose the beat, It has to be something were really feeling, but it could be anything from a dirty south beat to a rusty 8 bit loop. Once we have selected the beat we start writing our verses, we run them by each other and if they pass the grade, we jump in the booth and bang it out.

Conscious - a typical Angerville tune usually starts with a Heineken … lol …smoke a blunt, then we start to listen to the beat and come up with something …. We really don’t think all to much bout shit, ideas and lyrics just fall into place for us, then we drink a couple more Heinekens, write and record, etc …. Then Gam does his magic on the track (mixing an all that) and after that it goes to Dorc for mastering, and that’s as simple and hard as it is for us … time for another Heineken …lol.

Whats the next single, whats it about?

Fortunato - DEAR DAD is the next single, and It's about our pops. very hearfelt real life song just describing how our fathers have helped us become the men we are today. We have gotten alot of people telling us they were touched by that joint cause of loved ones they had lost.

Angerville "Dear Dad" Directed by: The Sharpshooter from The Sharpshooter on Vimeo.

Nice! Describe each other in a one sentence?

Fortunato - He's a dominant force on the mic.

Conscious - Fortunato is a great friend, a great dad, great lyricist and loves to work, that’s my homeboy 4 life!

I hear rumours about you guys embarrassing people on the mic...

Fortunato - I remember way back when we were at tequila lounge upstairs at the corner of bathurst and bloor, and they were having a big mc battle hosted by thrust. Well our whole crew was in the battle, like 6 of us, and some of us ended up eliminating each other. well anyways conscious makes it through to the finals and he was battling some Portuguese guy who had a mob of dudes cheering for him in the front row. so Portuguese guy goes first and hes yelling all that rah rah ill bust your face shit, then conscious gets his turn and notices that the dude had his rhymes all wriiten on papers stuffed in his back pocket. So conscious reaches in homies pocket and tosses all his written rhymes on the stage and said something like " you aint a rapper you just babble, your so wack you brought your written rhymes to a battle" then proceeds to stomp on dudes rhymes. Thrust and the judges were falling all over the stage laughing sayin' "Its done, it's done!"

You have a collab with Set2 on the album, I would have never thought of that, being a likely collab. How'd that come about?

Fortunato - Well we had been talking to Set2's manager, Smerk and he said that Set2 was interested. We were pretty surprised as well, but we had listened to his death of a wack rapper cd and we felt like he had alot of the angry raw tones that we have in our music, so it seemed to be a good fit. judging by the end result I think it was a dope and we hope to do more work with Set' in the future.

Where and when can we expect to see you throwing down and doing your thing live for the people? Any tour dates?

Fortunato - we have alot of small shows around the GTA lined up, but the tour has not been announced yet. We are hoping to tag along with a bigger group during the summer and hit up alot of small gigs across Canada. Keep checking for show info.

You ever get the screwface from being white and doing hip hop, from either races? And how do you deal with that bullshit?

Fortunato - Not at all, if it aint the colour of your skin, it's the shoes your wearing, or the way you cut your hair, whatever. I Don't listen to ignorant cats, if they knew anything about how me and Conscious came up they would know we don't believe in no superficial bullshit. It's what's inside that counts.

Conscious - This is the problem sometimes …. Mahfuckas cant get past color even tho they lovin' the music …… basically aiiithing is cool but there is always gonna be haters for whatever reasons …… I used to win all the slam dunk contests back in the day at Raptorfest, Gus Macker, etc., so im used to the way people look at you at first, but after they see you do your thing there tune changes, its real fake but it is what it is, I've learned to accept it ….. truthfully I ignore all bullshit and only fuck with the real!

Mothafuckin' shout outs?

Fortunato - DJ Shamann, Gamshooter, Kdot, Royce Birth, Marc Dorc, Westnyle, Pistol Pete, CMP studios, Know It, Jomama, Killa Milla, Slow Jam J, White Dawg, Rob Kelly, Relz, Devuis D, Castor Grozny, 9th Uno, Bishop Brigante, DJ Andre 905, Drega Casino, D.O. , Ukatonen

Conscious - I'd like to shout out: my dad, fortunato, jomama, fotunato’s dad, gamshooter, kdot, dj shamann, set2, 9thuno, westnyle, know it, dirtyman, daetona, dorc, trackkillas, all of parkdale, upcart productions, hustlegirl, hiphopcanada, everyone who purchased the album or a t shirt, to many to name whoever I missed don’t be ANGRY leave that to us…..and the biggest shout out goes to ill da shystee R.I.P LUKE MARSON.

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